Jublia's Tailored Solutions Powered This High-Quality Meeting Programme in California

A case study on Dealmakers West by Fintech Nexus
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November 16, 2022

An event designed to fully facilitate 1 on 1 meetings with no panels and speakers involved resulting in high-quality business networking for all attendees. It’s exactly what happened at the Dealmakers West by Fintech Nexus (formerly LendIt Fintech) in California this summer. 

About Dealmakers West by Fintech Nexus

The event took place from 30th to the 31st of August this year at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Laguna Niguel, California. Around 150 attendees converged at the venue ranging from fintech people, investors, and financial institutions.

Dealmakers West by Fintech Nexus redefined the business meeting into one you’ve never seen before — far from the stiff necktie and flapping blazers, everyone could get closer in a more casual and fun way: while stretching their limbs in yoga, in between rest as they walked their way through the local brewery or the classic route over a cup of coffee.

Securing Meetings Has Never Been Easier with Mobile App

Beyond your usual business meeting, Dealmakers West was a high-profile event that ensured every attendee got to meet the right person who aligns with their goals. More than that, numerous social events and curated experiences in the likes of kayaking and surfing lessons were also provided for them to connect in a more casual way through common interests.

With so many things offered on the table, attendees need to plan their day carefully and book meetings and activities in advance. Jublia’s Native Branded App played a pivotal role in helping attendees to book their meetings prior to event days and keep them on track during those two days. 

While the venue may look small and attendees seem to be able to easily find certain tables of the persons they’d like to meet (check out the floorplan above!), it is always more than what meets the eye.

The high-profile event offered 32 meeting slots to encourage high-quality business networking with high-profile people, not to mention the countless fun, social activities they can enjoy.

With so many things to explore, the mobile app helped attendees to book their meetings in advance and make sure they wouldn’t have any overlapping schedules. All meetings were booked prior to the event days, each of the registered attendees got their agenda ready, and this was one of those very few events with 100% committed attendees resulting in zero no-shows at meetings. In fact, some of the attendees had around 20 meetings a day and attended every one of them!

Amazing Teamwork, Amazing Results

The success of an event is never a one-man show. It’s the combination of the organizer’s hard work to create an entertaining, high-profile event; the capability of their tech provider to craft solutions that cater to their event’s needs, and; last but not least, the enthusiasm of the attendees themselves.

The focal point of the Dealmakers West was 1-1 meetings without any speaker sessions or panels, thus making every single meeting that happened more meaningful. This “unconference conference” solely focused on the best matchmaking resulted in high satisfaction, proven by the impressive stats recorded during the event.

Matt Murnane, Chief Experience Officer at Fintech Nexus shared his experience planning the event with Jublia.

“We were happy to have Jublia as our partner. They knew what we wanted and provided us with the solutions that we needed. The custom analytics they provided helped us to see quicker and more efficient reports. Not to mention the always-hands-on personnel they delegated to assist us!”

Plan Your Event with Us!

We are proud to be a part of the Dealmakers West by Fintech Nexus. Jublia with our best-in-class engagement hub is ready to power your event to success, as our highly flexible solutions are specially tailored to your event’s needs.

As the year is nearing its end, it’s better to plan your upcoming events earlier so that you have more time to craft the best strategy to bring them to success. Drop a message at and follow us on LinkedIn today to see what we can do for your events in 2023!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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