Towards a Greener Future: Jublia’s Sustainable Commitment

An oath to create a better future in the event industry
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The event industry, a vibrant and dynamic sector driving business connections and fostering innovation, is not without its environmental impact. As concerns over climate change and resource depletion intensify, sustainability has emerged not just as a passing trend but as a lifelong commitment for event planners, managers, and organizers.

The Road to Sustainability: A Collective Effort

According to a report by Green Meetings Industry Council, the global event industry generates around 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, constituting approximately 1% of total global emissions. This environmental footprint highlights the need for a paradigm shift towards sustainable event practices.

Sustainability, in the context of events, transcends the mere use of eco-friendly materials. It requires a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrates environmentally conscious choices into every facet of event planning and execution. It's a commitment to making thoughtful decisions that not only minimize environmental impact but also maximize social and economic benefits.

As event management companies embrace this imperative, a realization is dawning that sustainability is more than a passing trend seeking approval; it is a genuine commitment to being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Recognizing their role, these companies acknowledge the responsibility of weaving sustainability into the fabric of every event they organize and actively collaborate with like-minded partners.

Jublia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Jublia is at the forefront of the event industry's transformation towards sustainability, driven by a deep-seated belief that responsible business practices are not just an option but a necessity. We are committed to leading the way in transforming events into fully paperless processes, minimizing our environmental impact while enhancing event experiences.

Demonstrating our dedication to eco-conscious practices, innovative features like AI Maps, replacing printed maps, and Jublia Scan, eliminating the need for physical business cards, stand as testaments to our environmental responsibility, among others. Through digital solutions, we are not only reducing paper consumption but also streamlining event logistics, enhancing attendee convenience, and creating a more seamless experience for all attendees.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our platform as we recently announced our collaboration with MICEcarbon, a leading provider of carbon offset solutions for the events industry. This partnership empowers us to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to event sustainability, enabling them to effectively measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. This collaboration aligns perfectly with the event industry sustainability roadmap initiated by the Singapore government, the location of Jublia's headquarters.

Digitalization As the Key to Sustainability

In the current digital era, the fusion of technology and sustainable event management presents a formidable force for positive charge. Digital solutions have the capacity to streamline processes, curtail the need for printed materials, and fortify communication channels — all while mitigating environmental impact. As a tech provider that facilitates business events, here is where Jublia’s primary contribution lies.

Looking ahead to 2024, sustainability is poised to become a cornerstone of event planning and management. Event professionals will not only be expected to take on their responsibility but also applauded for adopting sustainable practices., encompassing a spectrum from waste reduction and energy conservation to responsible sourcing.

The integration of digital solutions into event planning brings forth numerous positive impacts, prominently among them being the significant reduction in paper consumption. The Green Meeting Industry Council highlights that organizations  can achieve up to a 30% reduction in printing costs by embracing digital alternatives. This not only aligns seamlessly with sustainability goals but also bolsters the overall cost-effectiveness of events.

Beyond the realm of sustainability, the adoption of digital platforms introduces interactive elements that elevate the attendee experience. Real-time polls, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities are just a few facets of the digital landscape that enhance engagement. A study by Knowland reinforces this notion, revealing that a substantial 68.7% of event professionals agree that the utilization of digital technology significantly improves the overall attendee experience.

Plan a Sustainable Event with Us!

In essence, the journey towards sustainability in the event industry is a deliberate and purposeful one. It involves aligning events with eco-conscious choices that go beyond superficial trends, creating an impact that extends far beyond the applause of the audience. 

As we collectively embark on this path, it becomes evident that sustainability is not just an option; it is an ethical responsibility that event planners and managers carry with each decision made, forging a new era of events that leave a positive mark on our planet. Let’s talk about how to make your event more sustainable talking to our Solutions Specialists and stay tuned for more updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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