Jublia is Now ISO27001 Certified!

Find out what this certification entails
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Data security has always been a latent issue in the event industry where personal information is constantly being exchanged all the time. Jublia understands the importance of protecting all these sensitive data and puts its security above other things for our clients’ trust and comfort.

With this, we are proud to announce that Jublia is now ISO27001 Certified!

The Importance of ISO27001 to Our Business

The availability of information is vital in the event industry. Ironically, the security of those data is always at risk around the clock, stressing the need for data protection even more. In a modern business environment, it becomes mandatory to guarantee data security, not less in the MICE industry.

ISO 27001  enables all kinds of organizations to manage their security assets, such as intellectual properties, financial information, employee details, and any other information entrusted by third parties.

ISO 27001 made all information readily available and accessible, while it’s also authenticated by authorized personnel. 

Moreover, it also enables entities or organizations to identify and treat security threats according to their risk tolerance and appetite. Thus, enhancing the security standard of all business entities.

Strengthening Our Commitment to Clients and Partners

Since the beginning of the year, Jublia has been advocating for DigitaLIVE as we understand the importance of a digital platform to enhance the experience and journey in every event. Along with that, we always put the convenience and security of all the stakeholders involved.

Beyond providing robust tech solutions specifically crafted to cater to each event’s needs, we want to be a reliable partner to whom clients can be at ease while entrusting their data.

Our commitment is not an empty word — the ISO 27001 is a  proof of our sincerity in building a more secure data ecosystem that we manage with our state-of-the-art technologies.

Benefit from This Certification and Talk to Us!

For us, the ISO 27001 certification was meant to strengthen trust among our clients, partners, and all parties involved, to give them reassurance of the management and protection of their vital data.

In each milestone and endeavor that we strive to achieve, we always put our clients’ interests as our topmost priority. ISO 27001 is definitely not the end to our constant efforts but one of the key puzzle pieces added to empower your events. Talk to our Solutions Specialists to find out how this can benefit you further by dropping a message to and following us on LinkedIn to stay tuned with our future updates!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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