Lightning-Fast Fixes for Top Event Networking Challenges

Sidestepping the top challenges of event networking with tech
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Event networking, often hailed as the top motivator for event attendance, holds the promise of forging valuable connections and fostering collaboration. Yet, amidst all the event highs and the excitement for weaving longer webs of their network, attendees still find themselves grappling with certain challenges that hinder these potentials. 

Meet Nat and Simon, two personas embodying the contrasting experience of event networking: Nat, the busy attendee, not having the time to prepare prior to the event and fully depending on D-day impulsive networking – but struggling with the hurdles in an event where it is not facilitated well. While Simon is a seasoned pro networker in an event that maximizes connections among their attendees.

Through their journey, let’s explore the common challenges faced by attendees when networking is not well-facilitated and how event organizers can leverage technology to transform these challenges into opportunities for networking success.

#1: Target Precise Networks From the Crowd

We’ve all been like Nat. Setting foot in the event venue, over preparing since D-3, excited with a bright smile and a pocketful of business cards – only to end up taken aback from the exciting (yet chaotic) event atmosphere. Despite her eagerness, she finds it challenging to identify and connect with individuals who align with her interests amidst the chaos. 

Simon, on the other hand, is surfing through the crowd as if he knows everyone and the venue like the back of his hand. He even goes home with endless new networking opportunities.

💡Simon’s Pro Tips: An event with networking as its main goal would facilitate their attendees leveraging advanced matchmaking algorithms through the event’s digital solutions for high-precision networking. With this, attendees like Simon can utilize these intelligent algorithms that analyze attendee profiles, interests, and objectives to receive personalized networking and content recommendations. Simon then can secure meetings with his best matches, bookmark his recommended sessions, and save his favorite companies.

Not only that, events should also have an AI-powered maps feature easily accessed through the event platforms for attendees to map out their event days and visualize the venue days before the event. This way, attendees like Simon can just dive straight into networking with their booked profiles, knowing where the meeting points are.

When Simon has reached the networking lounge, the event even provides onsite support just in case he needs extra hands to help out with his questions or if he wants to engage in impromptu networking sessions.

#2: Fostering Authentic Connections in a Digital Age

Nat, now threading through the bustling crowd with a sense of urgency, senses the weight of mere attendance amidst a sea of faces. She regrets fully depending on speed networking and impulsive networking on the days of the event. She also regrets not researching further to at least meet several familiar faces. Now, she’s in a crowd which she knows little about, and worried that her  interactions may seem insincere. How can we ensure Nat engages in meaningful and authentic conversations?

💡Simon’s Pro Tips: Exceptional networking events prioritize fostering genuine connections through robust engagement tools. Prior to the event, attendees like Simon can leverage comprehensive attendee, session, and company lists to curate meaningful interactions. He can also explore the profiles of the new connections to learn more about their interest and prepare for their conversations later on in the event. By initiating conversations or sending meeting requests, attendees can lay the groundwork for meaningful connections that extend beyond the event.

But the journey doesn't end there. On-site, events can offer smart lead scanners equipped with advanced capabilities. Attendees can delve deeper into their connections, uncovering valuable insights beyond surface-level introductions. Adding personalized notes and scoring leads elevates the networking experience, enabling attendees to prioritize and nurture relationships based on mutual interests and objectives.

#3: Sustaining Relationships Beyond Event Boundaries

Nat has successfully forged several connections at the event, but the looming fear of these relationships fizzling out once she exits the venue hangs heavy on her mind. She dreads the possibility of losing touch with her newfound contacts, worrying that the initial spark of connection may dim amidst the chaos of everyday life. How can we prevent this outcome?

💡Simon’s Pro Tips: Equipped with high-quality recommendations from the outset, Simon's networking journey begins on a different trajectory compared to Nat's. As the event draws to a close, Simon possesses a wealth of notes and information on his interactions, meetings, and scanned contacts. Armed with this valuable data, he can easily sift through his network to identify the most promising leads and opportunities for post-event collaboration. With Jublia, Simon can also check through his performance snapshot to see a summary of his interactions throughout the event day.

By providing attendees with comprehensive tools and features for post-event networking, event organizers empower them to seamlessly transition from transient event connections to sustained collaboration. This ensures that valuable connections endure far beyond the confines of the event, fostering lasting relationships and fruitful partnerships.

How Event Tech Catalyzes Networking Transformation

The disparity between Nat's and Simon's networking experiences lies in how organizers harness event tech to facilitate connections. Event tech has evolved from mere logistics management tools to powerful catalysts for transforming networking experiences. The key lies in selecting the right tech partner to ensure that more attendees emerge as Simons rather than Nats. Whether attendees are beginners or seasoned professionals, the effectiveness of networking hinges on the facilitation provided by event tech.

Selecting the right tech partner ensures that attendees can maximize the benefits of networking opportunities. Without the proper facilitation, attendees may find themselves navigating a sea of missed connections and unrealized potential.

Talk to Us!

At Jublia, we recognize the critical role that event tech plays in shaping the success of networking events – as we’ve been doing so for the past decade. Our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers organizers to streamline event planning processes, enhance attendee experiences, and maximize networking opportunities. From advanced matchmaking algorithms with our RevRank AI, our Jublia Scan AI-powered lead scanner, and our AI Interactive maps, Jublia provides organizers with the tools they need to create memorable and impactful networking experiences for their attendees.

Learn more here, or drop a message to today to book a discussion with our Solution Specialists. Also, keep up with the latest update about the event industry by following us on Linkedin!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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Lightning-Fast Fixes for Top Event Networking Challenges

Sidestepping the top challenges of event networking with tech

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