Hybrid Series (Part 5): Product Innovations

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December 2, 2021

Article actual date: Dec 2, 2021

People, programs, and now: products

At its core, events are essentially a gathering of like-minded people looking to discuss similar topics or develop beneficial business relationships in one place. Building on this idea, we’ve conceptualized RevRank AI, the heart of our data-driven solutions, and refined it over the course of eight years and counting. So far, the biggest addition involved augmenting RevRank AI to match people with content sessions as well, shaping the Content 360° experience that we know today.

Now, after several upgrades and fittings to Content 360°, we’re ready to move beyond to another core event aspect: products. As a huge part of exhibitions and other product-centric events, our product innovation are intended for organizers who:

  • Do not yet have sophisticated Online Exhibitor Manual (OEM) to collect product information, including part numbers and product properties
  • Lack an intelligent product search function where attendees can easily access all of your show’s offerings in one place
  • Missing hyper-targeted product discovery opportunities that can potentially fulfill your attendee’s participation ROIs

These problems have long prevented events from growing beyond just catalogues and brochures. But with these upcoming changes, organizers can begin to engineer a product journey that more closely resembles e-commerce, where a simple search can provide a plethora of relevant results from any relevant manufacturer, all within your event on Jublia.

Product Attributes

As the name implies, companies can now assign attributes to their products, enabling attendees with related interests to discover more highly-relevant options. This fundamentally alters the product interaction for any kind of attendee: seasoned procurers could hyper target new alternatives that better suit their needs, while newer ones would have a plethora of recommendations that they can compare and select from.

From the organizer’s perspective, attributes open up a whole new dimension of product analytics. Much like how interest and search trends reveal an event’s most demanded topics, product analytics hold the power to unveil which attendee groups are showing interest in what products. Naturally, this could lead to more data-driven decisions, including:

  • Post-event insiders discussing on future product trends
  • Follow up events (e.g. virtual meetups, refresher webinars) that reinforce connections formed during your event
  • Targeted sponsor groups for the next iteration

Needless to say, the concept of product attributes also perfectly extends to any other negotiable ‘asset’ as well — think intangible services or even job opportunities. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity, and we’re excited to see how you can tailor these attributes to curate an intelligent marketplace for your event.

Products (and Companies) for You

With the groundwork laid out, we can now let RevRank AI do all the heavy matching in the backend. On the frontend, we’ve updated the Explore page of our engagement hub with two new areas for personalized recommendations, specifically Products for You and Companies for You.

By centralizing all of your event’s top recommendations in one place, more serendipitous opportunities can occur, which lead to a fruitful and engaging product and company journey for any attendees, in any event.

Product Multimedia

Finally, we’ve enhanced how companies can showcase their products by adding the ability to implement both images and videos for the same product listing. This enables exhibitors to accentuate their value proposition through multiple perspectives, making it easier for attendees to understand the products at hand.

Furthermore, videos can now have separate image thumbnails that exhibitors can customize, providing a better first impression that entices more people to click and watch.

This change also benefits non-products as well — employers at career fairs, for instance, could use the video component to share on-the-job videos, while the image could provide more detail on benefits and other requirements.

Product of our innovation

While the year is coming to a close, we’re only just beginning a whole new journey of product innovation and analytics. Stay tuned on more updates on our product front and, very soon, we’d have more exciting news regarding registration opportunities.

Want to learn more about how you can create smart marketplaces? Or are you looking to find hybrid consultations before the holiday season hits? We’re more than happy to help at You can also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest product updates as well.

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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