Feature Adoption 101 Ala Jublia: What You Need to Know

Maximize feature adoption and amplify your event’s success
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Imagine this: You’ve poured your heart and soul working with your tech partners to incorporate innovative and engaging features that enhance your event experience, only to find that it went completely unnoticed.

But wait, you’ve woken up to realize that it is just a dream induced by pre-event jitters. Now, let's ensure that this nightmare remains a figment of the imagination by achieving an outstanding feature adoption rate.  

This month, Jublia embarks on a journey that delves into the essence of feature adoption and promotion. So, let's kick-start this captivating exploration by laying the foundation and uncovering the fundamental principles of feature adoption. Let’s dive in! 👇

Laying the groundwork: What is feature adoption?

As explained briefly above, rapid advancements in technology have provided event organizers with an array of innovative features and functionalities at their disposal to enhance the attendee experience. However, the true value of these features can only be realized if they are effectively adopted or used by the event participants. 

Simply put: feature adoption is when you create something with purpose and the people you created it for actually use it.

Now it all starts with Jublia’s STAR

In this section, we will delve deeper into the importance of event feature adoption and why it plays a crucial role in unlocking the success of your event while maximizing its value.  

Streamlined Experience

Incorporating innovative features into event platforms can streamline various processes, making the overall event experience smoother and more convenient for attendees. From registration and check-in to accessing session materials and receiving real-time updates, feature adoption ensures that participants can easily navigate through the event logistics and access relevant information at their fingertips. This seamless experience contributes to overall attendee satisfaction and reflects positively on the event organizers.

Thriving Engagement

Event features like personalized agendas, interactive maps like Jublia’s AI Maps, networking tools, and lead scanners like Jublia Scan engage attendees, fostering meaningful interactions, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing. Increased engagement creates a vibrant event environment, leaving a lasting impression and driving attendee loyalty and retention.

Actionable Data Insights

Most event tech and features collect valuable data about your attendees and overall event analytics, however, if not widely adopted, there is no data or behavior to look into. When used by many, organizers can gain access to a whole data bank of attendee interactions, preferences, and behavior patterns. This data-driven knowledge empowers you, as organizers, to refine your event strategies to suit attendee preferences, and ultimately deliver a more personalized and impactful event experience.

ROI Boost

Feature adoption maximizes event value, contributing to a higher return on investment (ROI). The active engagement and utilization of these features lead attendees to perceive it as a great benefit and increases its perceived value, making the event a worthwhile investment with long-term impact.

By focusing on Jublia’s STAR factors, you can create exceptional experiences and drive the success of your events.

Tracking the Pulse: Measuring Feature Adoption

Now that you understand the power of feature adoption, let's dive into measuring it. A general formula that’s widely used to calculate Feature Adoption Rate is (Number of Users Adopting the Feature / Total Number of Users) x 100.

However, there are various approaches to measuring feature adoption in events. To help you navigate this journey, we present the four key funnels that can serve as a foundation for determining your feature adoption metrics:

Tier #1: Exposed - Igniting Awareness

This is the first funnel that shows your attendees’ awareness of your features and event platforms - like your website and your event app. After all, they wouldn’t be able to use your features if they were never introduced or aware of it. So your focus question in this funnel should be: are your users aware of this feature?

Jublia’s recommended metrics:

  1. Calculate website visits, especially specific pages on your event features
  2. The number of app downloads can also be a key metric at this funnel
  3. If you send out pre-event emails to introduce your features, you can also calculate the number of people who opened your emails

Tier #2: Activated - Fueling Engagement

Once attendees are aware of your event features, the next step is to encourage them to explore and engage with those features. This stage is about activation, where attendees start to try out the features or show an intention to understand and use them to their advantage. The question at this stage is: Have they explored it yet?

Jublia’s recommended metrics:

  1. Monitor logins to see how many people actually try out your platforms after downloading or accessing it
  2. On Jublia Sense, the analytics platform for you event, you can also check out how many people favorited sessions or bookmarked meetings with fellow attendees

Tier #3: Used - Driving Meaningful Interaction

Moving further along the feature adoption journey, the focus shifts to how extensively users engage with the features, going beyond their initial exploration. This stage centers on determining if your attendees are actually using the features you've provided.

Jublia’s recommended metrics:

  1. In this funnel, you can measure total session views or impressions to gauge how many people are attending your sessions. 
  2. Track the number of people who attended the meetings they previously bookmarked provides insights into the level of usage. 
  3. You can check how many people are making conversations via chat on your event app
  4. Check out ongoing attendee feedback or, if you have an onsite help desk, you can also track how many people are visiting and asking about your features
  5. If you've activated Jublia Scan in your event, measuring the number of people scanning leads with it can provide further insights into feature usage

Tier #4: Used Again - Ensuring Retention

The final stage of the feature adoption journey focuses on retention. It's essential to evaluate whether attendees are continuously using the features or merely considering them as an occasional addition to the event experience.

Jublia’s recommended metrics:

  1. Measure the frequency of usage by tracking the average number of logins per day to your event platforms
  2. Monitor the total number of times the app is opened after download and its average opens per download
  3. Average views per day: Use the average number of views per day as an indicator of ongoing feature usage and retention.

Empowering Seamless Feature Adoption with Jublia

Embracing feature adoption may seem daunting, but with Jublia by your side, you can navigate every step with confidence. Our comprehensive STAR framework, coupled with intelligent tools, empowers you to establish a strong foundation and track the feature adoption metrics that matter most to you.

You can also read more about feature adoption in this article and stay tuned for more content about it coming soon on our blog!

Ready to discuss more about your event with our Solutions Specialists? Send us an email at Also follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our recent content.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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