Data-driven updates to MATCH and SENSE.

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Actual event date: Oct 14, 2014

Hi! I am Chinab and I am the CTO at Jublia. At Jublia, we take pride in what we develop and are always at the forefront of building user-friendly and innovative products to change the way people network.

Our key to making meetings intelligent is the way we collect, process, and analyse networking data. We use this data as a feedback mechanism to personalize the networking experience for each delegate. This allows delegates to make smarter actions on meetings and ultimately, benefit manifold returns from attending the event because they are making the right contacts.

Our flagship product, MATCH App, has undergone multiple version updates. In each update, we have improved MATCH App based on our A/B testing and more importantly, based on the feedback that we get from our users — the event attendees. Currently, we are very focused on the simplicity and ease of use.

Here are some of the new features and updates we have introduced in MATCH App:

1. RevRank — our recommendation engine

RevRank churns and delivers the most relevant leads for every delegate who uses MATCH App. It has gone through a major revamp making the algorithm both smarter and faster. We have moved to an interest-based algorithm which means that at its core, we take into account the mutual interests to meet. This simple concept of mutual reciprocity has led to a higher quality of recommendations and more successful meetings. With this enhancement, we have optimized our code to achieve a 40% average improvement in speed.

2. Dynamic search

As we move to an interest-based RevRank engine, we have revamped our Search feature to be an exhaustive keyword-based people finder. With an intuitive interface which allows you to search freehand or via filters, delegates can zoom in easily to find other delegates or exhibitors who are relevant to them. The search filters are smart — they are pre-populated based on the information of the delegates and are designed to specifically allow event attendees to hyper-target specific groups within the event.

In the picture below, the search box uses auto-complete to provide delegates with suggestions as they type in the field.

3. A brand new profile page

Collecting detailed information of event attendees has always been a daunting task for organizers. By redesigning our profile page, focusing on the experience of our users, we allow more data to be collected. We can do this because many of the existing data fields would already be pre-populated based on existing information provided by the organizers beforehand. This makes it incredibly easy for event attendees to add more data. When they do, they build richer profiles of themselves whilst working in line with our technology to garner more interest and to boost more relevant recommendations. One of my favorite parts of the new profile page is our web scraper that does the hard work of searching the web for relevant information based on the data input.

These are just a few enhancements that event attendees can benefit from when they use MATCH App. The real interesting bit is how we have integrated MATCH App into the event ecosystem with our data analytics platform SENSE.

I’m very proud to introduce to you Jublia SENSE. SENSE collects data from MATCH App, in real-time, and helps our clients analyze every interaction made using MATCH App at their events.

Here are some of the new features and updates we have introduced in SENSE:

1. Analytics, analytics and more analytics

SENSE is a really powerful tool and our clients know that. We’ve found that they use SENSE to smartly target, qualify and fulfill meeting requests for VIPs, Sponsors and Hosted Buyers. Knowing how corporate representatives are networking allows our clients to timely assist and potentially up-sell new services and offerings (data-driven sales). Right now, SENSE can analyze the interactions between People, Company, Title, Product, Industry and Country across the whole event. The easy-to-use interface allows our clients to zoom into each category (up to 3 levels!) to see the different interactions. We want our clients to make more valuable insights on how the networking at their event unfolds.

2. Export your meetings function

Don’t have internet access at your event and want to track the meetings on the ground? Fret not! You can now download all the pre-arranged meetings at your event as a universal .CSV file. Our pre-built template compliments your on-the-ground operations by allowing you to easily extract and analyze meetings information so that you can effectively track all the meetings that happen at your event onsite.

For our existing clients, all these new features and updates have already been pushed out and are ‘live’. If you already have access to SENSE do check them out and let us know what you think or how else you would like us to improve SENSE for you.

The exciting thing about Jublia is that this is just the start of many new features to come. So stay tuned for the amazing things that we’re crafting by subscribing to our newsletter here.


Written By :
Chinab Chugh
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