Crafting Event Strategies Through Data Insights: NoVacancy & Hospitality Design Fair 2021

Physical-to-hybrid Regional Highlight: NoVacancy & Hospitality Design Fair 2021
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Article actual date: Jul 22, 2021

With disrupted travel borders cutting off the supply of inbound tourists, countries have been strongly pushing for domestic tourism campaigns that help recirculate the local economy.

Australia stands amongst these countries, and beyond its promotion of natural monuments and city offerings, the event organisers down under had also spearheaded their own initiatives to reboot their business events industry. Notably, National Media took a bold step by kickstarting their journey with full physical renditions of their hospitality trade shows NoVacancy and the Hospitality Design Fair.

A fireside chat at NoVacancy 2021 (Source: NoVacancy’s LinkedIn page)

These highly anticipated shows were all set to prime its attendees with thought-provoking content in a face-to-face setting, but the situation took an unexpected turn that no one anticipated.

Locked Out from Lockdowns

Murphy’s law had hit the organisers, and the state of Victoria was locked down for a week starting from 27 May. While this didn’t affect the event venue situated in Sydney, the travel plans of over 1,000 attendees were disrupted, immediately affecting onsite attendance.

National Media needed a quick fix that would circumvent the restrictions while still providing active networking opportunities for the affected attendees. The situation seemed bleak, until Jublia’s customer success team reached out with a solution that alleviated their woes.

Transcending Barriers and Uncovering Insights with Jublia

Initially, Jublia was contracted to solely fulfill business matching needs via our AI engagement platform Match 360°. However, given the disruptions sustained by our client’s efforts, we swiftly proposed to hybridise the events by virtually translating the events’ networking opportunities for a week after the main program, which would empower attendees to stay connected even within these trying times.

Partnering with Jublia thus goes beyond just enhancing the value of your event; with an arsenal of intelligent solutions, Jublia can provide the much-needed agility and assurance in this uncertain business climate.

The testament of our capabilities are shown in NoVacancy and Hospitality Design Fair’s platform engagement success; over 5,000 attendees generated a total of 16,000 searches on Match 360° alone. This massive amount of data unveiled several analytical insights that empowered National Media to realign their event strategies and explore new opportunities beyond their current reach of their efforts.

For instance, we discovered that the most popular accommodation searches comprised of:

  1. Independent hotels
  2. Motels & motor inns
  3. Midscale hotels

This simple example had enabled National Media to determine if their events were aligning with their marketing objectives, mainly on targeting the right audiences that catered to the needs of their buyers.

Our backend analytics delved further and identified more opportunities that the organisers could tap on. Amongst the discoveries were a few outlier groups that represented a small attendance, but had seemingly garnered comparatively larger search interests in their products and services. While we are not able to reveal the specifics due to the business intelligence value of such insights, we are hopeful that the data would help:

  1. Diversify our client’s target demographics by compounding their sales pitches with impression data, which would better convince both current and potential markets.
  2. Optimise our client’s marketing strategies by enabling them to promote to the right audiences, drawing highly relevant crowds with strong purchasing intent to their key stakeholders (e.g. exhibitors and sponsors).

Jublia’s event analytics platform, Sense, has thus enabled National Media to thoroughly understand the needs of their current customer bases, and even venture forth towards new opportunities for next year’s iteration.

Beyond our clients, we ultimately serve to satisfy our client’s clients too; audience satisfaction is one of the most pivotal factors that drives Jublia, and while bountiful analytical insights were unearthed through the shows, nothing makes a better partnership with National Media when such encouraging comments from the audiences are made:

“The event was an excellent networking opportunity to review a wide variety of suppliers that suited our needs.”

— Principal, Quinovic Viaduct

“The spontaneous meetings generated by the matching system were highly valuable and made the event worthwhile.”

— State Business Development Manager, GlobeWest

“Fantastic tool that made networking a breeze. I had garnered a great level of contact information in conjunction with clear category interests to match.”

— State Account Executive, PepsiCo

Speak with Us!

Through this fruitful experience with National Media, Jublia has enabled thousands of hospitality professionals, regardless of location, to connect and collaborate on crucial developments despite the turbulent business climate.

We are always striving to perfect our client’s needs through our intelligent solutions. If you are keen to learn more about how you can shape your event’s success with AI-powered solutions, do reach out to anyone you know at Jublia, or reach us at!

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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