Career Fair 101 For Organizers

From digital solutions, engagement, matchmaking, to understanding your audience and everything you need to consider when planning your next career fair event
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Article actual date: Apr 5, 2022

An onsite career fair can be an exciting yet tiring experience for attendees. Besides the excitement of kick-starting their career search, there’s also the hassle of going through queues for interviews. Even though onsite experiences can never be replaced, we should also understand that a digital platform is here to make your career fair more efficient and meaningful for attendees.

To guide organizers on hosting their next successful career fair, we have compiled some important guidelines you should take note of.

Choosing the Right Platform Remains Crucial

As events are returning onsite, you should continue to enhance and empower your next career fair through digital elements. With a digital platform, you can build a digital ecosystem that goes side-by-side with your live events in the venue to make your career fair more efficient and engaging for both job seekers and employers.

Digital tools are not here to replace onsite event experiences, but to help elevate your career fair’s experience for attendees. By leveraging on digital tools like Event Apps, event activities can be automated. Higher efficiency can be achieved as attendees can have access to all the event information in one centralized platform, only one fingertip away.

Attendees can now focus on meeting with suitable people and creating meaningful connections and conversations throughout your career fairs.

Engagement is not Limited to During the Event

Since the recent rise of virtual events, organizers have realized that engagement should stretch beyond the actual event days. This is a great opportunity to extend the lifespan of your career fairs, starting conversation pre-event and keeping it going even when the event has ended.

But how can you successfully encourage attendees to start engaging before and after your event dates?


For any career fair events, some useful methods for pre-event engagement includes early registration, resume submission and company profile upload. With these, both job seekers and employers can pre-screen companies and candidates they might be interested in, to reach them out early and have actual curated meetings during the career fair dates.


Once your career fair is over, you should continue to make an impact amongst your attendees and ensure you have activities scheduled to keep them engaged. You can send your attendees relevant content like video recordings of speaker sessions, follow-up on interviews and assist them throughout the hiring process.

These methods will encourage your attendees to continue interacting and engaging even after your career fair ends, keeping the conversation going and allowing meaningful matchmaking and valuable interactions between job seekers and employers to continue taking place.

Excellent Matchmaking is a Must

Matchmaking plays a crucial role in career fairs. Besides recommending and matching job seekers to employers or positions based on their interests, matchmaking also helps to spark meaningful conversations and provide efficient networking in your event.

To achieve excellent matchmaking, your career fair should have a smart recommendation engine that has the capability to match both employers and candidates with their personalized requirements.

It is beneficial for organizers to use an event platform that offers AI matchmaking. This allows you to streamline and control the process required to match job seekers, employers, and job openings. Job seekers will be delighted when they can simply select their interests and be recommended to suitable companies and positions based on their personalized requirements.

Understand and Plan for your Target Audience

Understanding who will likely be interested in attending your career fair helps in catering your career fair event activities towards their interests, needs and wants. Your career fair content will differ according to your target audience, for example, between new graduates and PMETs.

If new graduates are most likely to attend your career fair, then its content will revolve around topics and discussions like “Career Advice For New Graduates”, or “The Best Industry For New Graduates”.

Consequently, if PMETs are more interested in attending your career fair, then its content will be vastly different compared to a career fair for new graduates. Possible topics like “Three Key Management Skills All PMETs Need” or “How To Upskill Yourself” should be used instead to encourage conversations.

When you have a clear understanding of your audience, your attendees’ experience will be maximized, and your event can provide them with excellent networking and matchmaking opportunities. Thus, there is a greater chance for them to successfully clinch a job offer based on their interest.

Talk With Us!

One of the secret keys in holding a successful career fair lies in the partnership with a robust digital provider, whose solutions are tailored to your event’s needs and bring the best out of it.

We at Jublia understand the importance of a digital platform for any type of event. With almost a decade of experience under our belt, we are ready to empower your live career fairs digitally.

If you are interested to know how our digital platform can be adapted for your next career fair and elevate its engagement and matchmaking, contact us at, follow us on our LinkedIn, and schedule a demo with us now at!

Written By :
Gigi Teo Swee Khee
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