A Decade of Creating Unforgettable Event Experiences: Jublia’s Enduring Legacy

Unraveling the tale of Jublia's unwavering commitment to elevating event experiences and driving industry-wide change
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June 22, 2023

In the vast landscape of the events industry, there lies an inspiring story that we, the team at Jublia, have the privilege of sharing with you. It's a story that started with a shared dream and a burning desire to make a difference. As we reflect upon the past decade, we are humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey we have embarked upon together.

Our founders, Kuan Yan Tan, Errol Lim, and Chinab Chugh, driven by a deep passion for transforming experiences, poured their hearts and souls into building a company that would redefine the way people connect, learn, and celebrate. In this article, we unveil the stories behind the curtains, share milestones, and our exciting plans for the paths ahead. Read more of Jublia's remarkable journey where the magic happens, bridging boundaries and creating unforgettable event moments👇

Planting the Seeds: Jublia's Humble Origins

Founded with the ambitious dreams of our three founders and headquartered in sunny Singapore back in 2012, our startup has come a long way over the past 10 years. Today, Jublia stands as a thriving and diversified company with operations, clients, and partners spanning the globe. What was once a small venture focused purely on business matching has transformed into a high-performing end-to-end suite of tools that drive engagement at live events.

Navigating the Storms: Overcoming Challenges

The past decade has been an incredible journey indeed, but they haven't been without significant challenges. One notable challenge in the very early stages of building the company according to our CEO, Kuan Yan Tan, is going global from where we are, in Asia. “We constantly have to play ‘away games’, as they call it in soccer terms, in convincing clients based on the differentiated values and technical prowess of our product rather than where we are located,” Yan said.

In the same early stages, as a small team with big dreams, we found ourselves in some complicated (yet funny) situations. One of the most memorable moments that our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chinab Chugh, shared was during his wedding back in 2018. A day before the main day itself, during one of the many rituals of an Indian wedding, one of our products went down.

“I was in the middle of a ritual and I had many guests outside but I went to find my laptop and get cracking 😆. Was I being a workaholic? I don’t think so. I am just programmed to make things work,” Chinab chuckled. 

However, although the start might be a little rocky, the true difficult times or challenges arose during the unprecedented COVID-19 period. Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Errol Lim, mentioned that the sudden changes due to the pandemic with canceled events, restrictions, and the switch to virtual disrupted the events industry and of course our business operations. This situation forced us to swiftly adapt our strategies and offerings to ensure that attendees could still experience the same level of engagement and interactivity they would have in a physical setting.

“This period really tested our resilience, adaptability, and determination to navigate through uncertain times,” Errol said. “However, having gone through a black swan event and survived, I feel that we have the characteristics to tide through future challenges thrown at us. Most importantly, we need to constantly innovate and not be complacent,” he added.

Despite the challenges, some good came from the pandemic as well, as stated by Chinab:

A Decade of Triumphs: Unveiling Jublia's Path to Success

All the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears were all worth it because without it all, Jublia wouldn’t be standing here as the leader in Asia as a scalable event technology company like we know today.

“We started from nothing a decade ago with only a mission to enable event organizers to connect people and content at their event(s), and now we’re establishing a global portfolio of client partners.” Yan said. “With a global footprint, it enables us to make a tangible impact on the MICE industry’s digitization journey,” he added.

After finding success as pioneers and one of the best Business Matching event technology out there, we used our successes in that field to dream more, and now we are trying to accomplish that in Event Engagement. We designed this engagement hub as a platform that empowers event organizers to create immersive and interactive experiences for attendees, leading to increased engagement, networking opportunities, and overall event satisfaction.

“Furthermore, by leveraging AI through our intelligent recommendation ranking algorithm, we have successfully transformed traditional trade shows and conferences into dynamic memorable events through the clever engineering of serendipity of matchmaking people to people, products to people, companies to people and content to people,” Errol said.

Sharing Our Values: Understanding What Makes Us, “Us”

The past decade has shaped us as a company, in terms of how we operate and the philosophies we adhere to, to ensure that we always perform at our best to better serve our customers.

At Jublia we hold a set of core values that guide our actions, decisions, and interactions. These values are the foundation of our culture and reflect our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and customer satisfaction define our approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and building a strong and cohesive team. 

Constant Efforts for Growth

In addition to holding on to a core set of values, improvements in operations have been implemented to ensure streamlined and effective processes. 

Over the past 10 years, our biggest operational success has been our resilient and sustained growth. In a competitive industry and evolving market dynamics, we have maintained our presence, core values, and commitment to clients. Our adaptability, strategic decision-making, and pursuit of excellence have enabled us to overcome obstacles, learn, and grow.

Establishing ourselves as a global company is a noteworthy achievement. We have expanded our reach beyond borders, forging partnerships, and delivering solutions to clients worldwide. Our ability to transcend geographical constraints demonstrates our ability to scale and serve diverse markets and enter new verticals. Building a talented and dedicated workforce has been instrumental in this. By attracting top talent, nurturing their development, and fostering a collaborative culture, we have been able to expand our capabilities, drive innovation, and better serve our clients.

Looking Forward to the Next Decade(s)

Our journey through thousands of events has been an invaluable experience, offering us numerous learning opportunities. The rapid growth of technologies in the event industry has further deepened our understanding of how their integration unlocks countless new possibilities.

This is what Jublia has learned over the past decades, particularly during the pandemic, where the crucial roles of digital technologies in the industry are remarkable. By leveraging technologies like AI, we have unlocked new possibilities to drive meaningful interactions, resulting in measurable outcomes such as qualified leads, enhanced brand visibility, and increased attendee satisfaction.

One of the biggest differentiating factors of our products is their focus on performance. Moving forward, our ultimate goal is to innovate through technology. We not only prioritize feature improvement and development but also aim to provide a personalized experience for users and enhance automation and efficiency for event organizers. We deliver these solutions through our best-in-class customer service, working collaboratively with organizers and planners to solve engagement problems at events.

Furthermore, in addition to harnessing the full capabilities of technologies in our solutions, we also emphasize the importance of connectivity between different modules, systems, and interactions across our platforms.

Jublia’s vision for the future is crystal clear, as our CEO said himself:

Turning ten years old is indeed a major milestone for us. We are humbled by the trust and all the valuable input that our clients have given us over the years, shaping who we are today. Equally important is the unwavering dedication of our team through thick and thin. Here's to many more decades of growth and success! See you in the next chapter!

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