Unleashing the Power of Post-Event Engagement

How impactful the effects it has on your event
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Post-event engagement is more than just a way to market your event or return your past attendees. All the strategies you apply in the last life cycle of an event are also ways to build a long-term relationship with them and create a positive reputation for your brand.

Conducting post-event engagement activities should be a part of event planning. Aside from that, keeping the communication going with past and new attendees builds up your network and grants you opportunities to create better events for them.

Cooking the Raw Ingredients

You might have found countless tips on what activities you can do for good post-event engagement. Without underestimating follow-ups email after the event and asking for the attendees’ feedback, there are actually more effective ways to engage the past attendees.

You will pocket content, connection, digital assets, and event data when the event ends as raw ingredients. Once you’re back home, all you need to do is cook those ingredients and serve them to the attendees as eye-catching marketing materials that could keep your brand at the top of their minds.

But first, keep in mind that post-event engagement is not one single action but rather a continuous process involving different marketing layers to make it work. From conducting public engagement and sorting out the event data to discovering how your event leaves an impact on the attendees. 

Harnessing media content

Kick off the post-event engagement lightly with media sharing about anything related to the event. You could decorate your thank you messages by attaching video highlights of the events and specific sessions or give them a summary of their activities during the event days.

The good news is that the content can also be shared on social media. It extends your engagement opportunities among the general public, opening a new door to new visitors coming to your next event!

Leverage your event data

There should be stacks of event data you bring home — and perhaps not all of them are crucial enough to support your post-event engagement journey. Sort them out carefully and put your attendees' engagement onsite on top.

Not everyone visiting your booth leaves with a high interest in them, so the better way is to reach out to visitors or guests ranking on the top-level in terms of engagement with your brand. Audiences who are actively participating are usually potential customers for exhibitors. 

Thus, personalized emails targeting those attendees should be sent to measure their engagement level. When they read the emails, the lead generation during the event shows some light.

Discover your event’s impact on the attendees

When the attendees get home from an event’s venue, they will return to daily activities and, chances are, they might forget the event and why they came in the first place. However, some memorable things would stay in their mind, and it is worth finding out.

This is why post-event follow-ups are important, for you to evaluate the impact it has on the attendees. Such as what attracted them the most and in which part did they have any difficulties and need help to make it work.

Partner with Us!

Arranging post-event engagement strategies has always been a challenge. The day your events end, the arduous work begins. It's a good time to build a long-term relationship with attendees, collect feedback, promote your brand, and nurture potential customers. With the event's vibe still lingering, it becomes easier to keep your attendees engaged than push it back much later.

A successful post-engagement journey should be preceded by the success of the previous cycle: pre and during event engagement. Meet Jublia Engagement Hub, a holistic digital ecosystem composed of multiple elements tailored to each event's need. Entering the first decade into the industry, our top priority remains to be the best digital partner to bring events to success.

Curious on more details about our solutions? Drop a message at, and our Specialists Solutions will reach out to you soon. To keep up with our recent updates and releases, our LinkedIn is always ready for you!

Written By :
Indah Ariviani
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