SUSS E-Career Fair #BEHIRED: AI-Powered Job Search

A Virtual Career Fair Case Study
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Do you remember when you were searching for your first job as a fresh graduate? It’s definitely a tiring and daunting process if no one is there to guide you. To help their undergraduates kickstart their career search, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) has been organizing annual E-Career Fairs since 2018.

SUSS’s 2022 E-Career Fair #BEHIRED took place between 14th to 18th March 2022, and was hosted on Jublia’s digital platform to bring together undergraduates and employers, through a DigitaLIVE Journey. In 2022, SUSS partnered with Jublia for the E-Career Fair.

This year’s SUSS E-Career Fair #BEHIRED leveraged several unique platform functionalities, in addition to the usual job posting and resume depository functions. These include:

  • Simple and seamless registration
  • Live chats and real-time video interactions
  • Virtual Employer Sharing Sessions
  • AI-powered Profiles and Role Recommendations and Matching

Pre-Event Registration: Less Hassle, More Prep Time

The event commenced with pre-registration by the invited participants using  one of Jublia’s integrated solutions, Reg Collective.

The pre-registration and set up phase allowed participants (employers and undergraduates) to prepare their profiles for showcase ahead of the event period.

The AI-powered platform meant that the employment needs of the undergraduates as well as the recruitment needs of the employers are taken into consideration and duly matched. Based on the AI’s recommendation, undergraduates are invited to preview employers, as well as to indicate interest to attend employers’ sharing sessions. Similarly, employers are recommended undergraduates’ profiles, based on their recruitment requirements.

A pre-event briefing session was also organized to guide registered participants on how to navigate through the platform and share tips on how to make the most out of the virtual event.

Recommendations For You

A “For You” page was created with Jublia’s AI solution to help both participating undergraduates and employers efficiently find positions and candidates suited to their requirements respectively.

The AI solutions made use of user behaviors during the career fair to make meaningful recommendations for the participants. The user behaviors refer specifically to the actions they took on the platform, such as the candidates employers viewed and the job openings candidates clicked on. As a result, the quality of meetings between candidates and employers were also well suited towards their preferences and requirements. 

The “For You” page proved to be reliable based on the amount of views generated through the recommendations, which is over 655,000 impressions compared to organic and manual search.

Jublia also deployed an AI Matchmaking solution to ensure that all virtual interaction between undergraduates and employers was deliberate and targeted.

The efficacy of the AI solution was proven by the number of conversations made during the E-Career Fair’s lifetime.

The True Value

Besides the E-Career Fair’s overall success, the true treasure for SUSS lies in the data analytics. From pre-event to post-event, a wholesome suite of connected analytics allowed SUSS to enhance their career fair’s engagement through real-time data as the fair progressed.

This connected analytics journey powered by Jublia’s platform’s technology was designed to provide qualifying ROI, a performance measure to evaluate an investment's efficiency, for event participants, as well as traffic measurement metrics for SUSS. 

With unlimited access to the event-related analytics, SUSS was able to visualize, facilitate and encourage better matchmaking as well as spark more meaningful conversations between undergraduates and employers.

The experience of both participants and employers was recorded from the post-event survey. 

Using insights gleaned from the data, SUSS will also have better ideas on creating an even more meaningful and rewarding experience for their undergraduates during their next career fair.

With Great Effort Comes Great Rewards

The success of the event is evidenced through the positive feedback received through post-event surveys.

Here are some comments from undergraduates who attended the event:

“The platform was easy to navigate and I could easily connect with employers.”
“Easy and all-in-one, it was very convenient to use the platform.”
“I had really insightful conversations with the HRs I managed to connect with!”
“It was nice and easy to connect with different companies and speak to them.”
“The setup meeting was very accurate whereby the potential job opportunities aligned to my interest.”

Plan Your Next Event With Us!

One of the secret keys in holding a successful career fair lies in the partnership with a robust digital provider, whose solutions are tailored to your event’s needs and bring the best out of it.

We at Jublia understand the importance of a digital platform for any type of events. With almost a decade of experience under our belt, we are ready to empower your live career events digitally.

If you are interested in knowing how our digital platform can be adapted for your next career fair and elevate its engagement and matchmaking, contact us at, follow us on LinkedIn, or schedule a demo with us now!

Written By :
Gigi Teo Swee Khee
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