Powering Pharma Connections: How Jublia’s Multilingual Platform Powered Networking Success

Discover how Jublia’s platform fueled connections at the 2023 DJSeedin Innovation Partnering Conference in China
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The 2023 DJSeedin Innovation Partnering Conference, held in Shanghai, China, marked the 3rd edition of this pivotal event. Building on the previous year's success of connecting pharma executives and investors, the conference, organized by PharmaDJ and bioSeedin, served as a powerful platform for transactions, financing, and partnerships within the innovative pharmaceuticals landscape.

Jublia's platform played a crucial role in orchestrating productive meetings and collaborations, contributing significantly to the success of DJSeedin Innovation Partnering Conference.

Focusing on China's Pharmaceutical Future

Focused specifically on Chinese companies, the conference showcased over 70 companies across various development stages, creating a diverse network for collaboration and investment opportunities. The event attracted over 600 various organizations, such as biotech, pharma and venture capital funds, with over 1000 pharma executives and investors in attendance. 

The event needed a way to foster meaningful networking and connections, serving as a global platform for China’s innovative pharmaceutical companies, with the ultimate goal of promoting business transactions and investments.

Jublia is thrilled to have contributed in DJSeedin's impact success, partnering with the event to fulfill the goal of cultivating valuable relationships and sparking vibrant networking opportunities through our innovative matchmaking solution.

Connecting the Chinese Pharmaceutical Landscape

With over 70 companies from various stages showcasing their work to both a regional and global audience, facilitating efficient matchmaking was essential to maximize connections and collaboration. This large-scale event, where international participation met the local Chinese community, highlighted the need for multilingual solutions.

Jublia’s dedicated team recognized the event’s focus on fostering connections, particularly considering the audience’s diverse language backgrounds. Many attendees primarily spoke Mandarin, and certain platforms faced accessibility limitations within China. To address these challenges, the conference implemented a bilingual networking platform, offering interfaces in both Chinese and English. This ensured smooth and inclusive communication for all participants, regardless of their preferred language.

Additionally, exceptional concierge support was available in both English and Mandarin, to further facilitate seamless interaction. The Jublia team worked closely with the DJSeedin event organizers, assisting in data input into the event platform and ensuring smooth communication with the organizers through WeChat, a widely used platform in China. This comprehensive approach guaranteed a successful experience for all participants, maximizing engagement and inclusivity, and demonstrated Jublia's dedication to catering to the specific needs of our clients.

By providing a bilingual platform and multilingual support, both the Jublia team and the event organizers were able to prioritize both accessibility for the Chinese audience and effective communication for all participants. This commitment enhanced meaningful connections and international collaboration for all attendees, regardless of language barriers.

Navigating the Labyrinth: Streamlining Networking 

While the sheer volume of potential connections presented exciting opportunities, effectively identifying and engaging with relevant partners posed another challenge. For many attendees, navigating this complex labyrinth could lead to missed opportunities and wasted time.

Jublia's matchmaking solution stepped in, transforming the attendee experience and ensuring efficient connections that maximized networking potential. The platform provided comprehensive profiles, offering detailed insights into each participant's strengths and offerings. This empowered attendees to make informed decisions about potential partners, significantly reducing the time and effort required for effective matchmaking.

The result? A paradigm shift in attendee experience.

As well as high CSAT scores given:

The event platform empowered attendees to take control of their networking journey, ensuring they maximized every interaction and walked away with connections that could propel their businesses forward.

Engaged Users, Meaningful Connections: Conference Results

Over 3,310 unique users logged in, showcasing the platform's appeal to a diverse audience. The dual language support in English and Simplified Mandarin no doubt ensured inclusivity and participation from various regions. This diverse participation translated into high user engagement, with over 525,000 total impressions and over 60% being organic, indicating genuine interest in profiles and content.

This also highlighted the active exchange of ideas and collaborations fostered by the platform. High user satisfaction was also evident, supported by attendee sentiments: 

Take Your Event to the Next Level with Us!

We're honored to be continuously chosen as the event technology partner for the DJSeedin Innovation Partnering Conference, facilitating connections through our digital solutions. From intimate gatherings to global conferences, Jublia's Engagement Hub is built to flex, ensuring each event has the tools it needs to shine. 

Ready to supercharge your events? Schedule a demo to discover how our team of Solution Specialists can help you achieve your event goals and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for industry insights and updates. We're excited to help you turn your vision into reality!

Written By :
Atyana Raharjanto
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