Jublia Providing Onsite Tech Support for One of SEA’s Largest Trade Show

Empowering the Indonesia Energy and Engineering 2022 Series with the right tech solutions
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January 5, 2023

Gathering 5 main sectors of the energy & engineering industry and 900 exhibitors from 30 countries into one smart-event, Indonesia Energy and Engineering Series (IEE Series) 2022 lived up to what it's known for: one of the largest trade shows in South East Asia. An event as large as this has huge potential for both attendees, exhibitors, and organizers alike. Hence, Jublia and Pamerindo – part of Informa Markets Asia – worked hand-in-hand to make sure the event reaches its full potential.

What is Indonesia Energy and Engineering Series 2022?

IEE Series gathers 5 international-scale exhibitions, namely Electric & Power Indonesia, Oil & Gas Indonesia, Mining Indonesia, Construction Indonesia, and Concrete Show Southeast Asia into one event held at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran on 14 - 17 September. 

Together, Jublia and Pamerindo had one vision for IEE - not just to create a platform where they can do business with prospective clients who are actively looking for suppliers or buyers, but also a place to share and discuss on the latest news and challenges that the energy and engineering sector are facing with like-minded minds.

“This event (IEE 2022 Series) could be the key to the post-pandemic recovery for all the 5 sectors involved. That is why we partner with Jublia to make a smart event that can enhance our stakeholders’ experience as they tackle the perils of a post pandemic world,” said Ben Wong, the Country General Manager of Pamerindo.

But surely, such a big event that involves so many different stakeholders would need extra empowerment and support. Well, that’s why Jublia worked extra hard tailoring the best solutions to meet the event’s needs.

Finding Solutions Through Excellent Collaboration

Not only striving to empower events by providing their tech needs before the event, we also make sure that the solutions we provide can be integrated seamlessly in the event itself. Considering that, we at Jublia always station our team onsite during the event so that exhibitors and attendees can seek help and advice directly.

For IEE, this was different. Considering the scale of the event, they needed everyone on board to be aware of what we can do and how our platform can help make the best of the event before the doors to the venue even opened. Thus, we held an exhibitor briefing a day before the event started.

Right from the first day of the event, we provided onsite support by approaching each and every exhibitor to check their platforms. One most intriguing feature that a lot had a bunch of questions for was our Jublia Scan. Understandably so, as IEE is one of the very first events which had the chance to try out our AI-powered lead scanner.

Potential After Potential: First to Explore Jublia Scan

There are 83% of businesses that claim that the main reason they participate in trade shows is to increase their sales. Rightfully so, trade shows are the perfect place to raise your brand awareness and find hot leads as statistics show that almost 50% of attendees of trade shows already plan to buy at least one product or service on display.

Now the chances for increase in sales are higher with our AI-powered Jublia Scan – specially made for scanning through all your exhibitors’ scanned leads and letting our AI do the magic in sorting them out based on their temperature.  

As one of the first events to equip Jublia Scan, IEE witnessed the magic of gaining more leads and potential customers. Out of the total scans, exhibitors at IEE obtained at least 50% warm and hot leads.

All thanks to Jublia Scan, not only did exhibitors gain more customers that bought their products during the event itself, they’ve also gained much more leads to follow up after and got a  higher chance to turn them into future loyal customers and make the most of the intelligent scanner.

Client Satisfaction and the Event’s Success is Our #1 Priority

Along with Jublia Scan, IEE also adapted our other solutions to support its success and to experience the true complete engagement hub. Jublia worked hard to craft the perfect onsite digital co-pilot: our Branded Native App and a web platform especially built for the event’s seamless experience.

With this, the stakeholders of the IEE event got to enjoy a more authentic event experience with the ability to arrange 1 on 1 meetings, bookmark their favorite sessions, and schedule their agenda for the day. Meanwhile, our AI Maps that contain the detailed floor plan have helped them find their way around the event and easily locate the booths that intrigue them the most or their designated meeting spot. 

The best part? They could do all this in advance, days before they even depart for the event venue. This way, attendees can plan their day more effectively and efficiently.

Here are some things the event’s attendees said about our solutions:

Sweet Like Honey, A Taste of IEE’s Success

The Indonesia Energy and Engineering Series show great numbers in engagement. Through helpful tools and well-curated content personalized to match their interests, the numbers were a good sign that the event platform was effective in engaging the attendees throughout the event.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

With a decade of experience empowering over 7,000 events all over the world, Jublia’s contribution to the Indonesia Energy and Engineering Series 2022 here is one of the many great examples of how our robust solutions can help all kinds of events.

Although we always strive to provide you with the solutions you want (and need) we consider ourselves not only as your tech provider or someone to professionally consult about your events, but we want to also be your trustworthy partner and friend. 

You can check out some pictures of IEE 2022 here or learn more about how our flexible solutions help out our other clients here.

Preparing an event coming up in the new year? Drop a message at to talk to our Solutions Specialists and see what we can craft together for the success of your event too. Don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn to keep in touch and stay updated with our latest news.

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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