Hybrid Series (Part 3): RTMP — Direct Streaming & Video-on-Demand

How can RTMP benefit your events’ content tracks and sessions?
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Article actual date: Oct 13, 2021

When thinking about events held earlier this year, you’d probably have several outcomes in your mind: it’s indefinitely postponed, cancelled, or, in the best of scenarios, held virtually.

From international summits to small local conferences, events then were entirely coordinated online on platforms that integrated attendee access, engagement and content in one place. The experience definitely paled in comparison to live events, but considering the situation back then, it worked tremendously well as people could stay connected regardless of their locale.

However, as economies transition to hybrid formats with live on-site productions, these solutions declined in favor due to the added audiovisual complexities. After all, an entire sound system with 3 cameras at varying angles is harder to integrate onto the platform as compared to your in-built webcam and microphone.

Thankfully, we’ve already stepped up our content game — to answer our clients’ rising need to seamlessly connect live productions onto our AI Engagement Hub, Jublia has incorporated the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) into our content arsenal.

Secure & Seamless: RTMP Private Stream to Video-on-Demand

RTMP provides a private and secure way of broadcasting your production from on-site to online. Thanks to its tried-and-tested nature, RTMP empowers your content sessions to be highly scalable, accessible worldwide without any geo-restrictions and seamlessly integrates with popular video production software (OBS, Xsplit, Wiresteam etc.) into your very own Private Stream video player on Jublia, providing an immersive and simplified end-to-end broadcasting experience.

Catering to an international audience who might not catch the live-stream in time? Your live stream can be directly converted to a video-on-demand with just a single click on Jublia.

Furthermore, VOD generated with RTMP will be automatically segmented at moments where the live-stream goes offline, minimizing the amount of post-processing needed before it goes live for your audiences.

With no unwarranted ads and a low cost thanks to our pay-per-use basis, Jublia’s RTMP channel will maximize cost-efficiency and audience engagement for your content sessions.

Real-time Review: RTMP Video Analytics

Beyond all of these benefits, RTMP also unlocks enterprise-grade video analytics, enabling organizers to monitor performance across all of their content tracks and even accommodate their sessions to facilitate calculation of Continuing Education Program (CEPs) points in various disciplines.

A rough mention of these metrics can include watch duration, speak engagement rate and reengagement rate. Stay tuned to our channels later this month to find out more.

…Or if you’re already curious on how our RTMP features can shape your event, contact us on LinkedIn or send us an inquiry at today!

Written By :
Goh Bao Wei
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