Helpful Tips on How to Make Your Live Event More Memorable With an Engagement Hub

Your event may have ended, but the impression lasts longer
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Live events are not just slowly getting back into the scene, they’re coming back with a large “boom”. Some event venues are even experiencing a whopping 20% increase in events per week. That’s great news for all organizers and attendees alike as the excitement of attending an on-site event is inevitably strong. However, with the overwhelming number of events, how do we stand out and make our live event more memorable? Well, with a well thought out engagement hub, anything is possible!

From meaningful conversations and great connections, to engaging features and providing ease in gathering important information, an engagement hub is extensible in features to empower your live events by utilizing the platforms’ useful features to make the experience more unforgettable for your attendees. So how can you use it to its maximum potential?

Make an amazing first impression from the get-go

Attendees tend to come back to events that they are familiar with. In fact, according to Marketing Metrics, the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%. So reach out to your previous attendees and tempt them with a whole “new and improved” experience that more importantly addresses their desires and feedback from last year.

This is where an event engagement hub helps! When you deploy a digital hub, it not only helps with your attendees experiences, but it helps you to understand and effectively analyze your attendees behavior. A hub usually also functions as a feedback platform where audiences have an outlet to rave or grouse about your event. Capturing those behavioral touchpoints and feedback sentiments enable you to make data driven approaches that actually improves over the past event edition.

Prepare and execute a well-thought-out event

From the venue directions to your best techniques to continuously engage your attendees throughout the event, ensure that you prepare every “nook and cranny” of your event. Organizers often (understandably) focus more on the major parts of the event. They tend to overlook one of the main key factors of making a memorable event: putting themselves in the shoes of the attendees.

Ask yourself: What events were memorable to me and why? How can the attendee find the venue and directions around? How can people have a safe space to talk and make meaningful connections?  and take these questions into consideration.

With this in mind, plan your live event with digital platform features that could continue engaging your attendees and assist them as a co-pilot throughout their event journey. Arrange a time for attendees to connect and talk to each other and the speakers of the events face to face. Or maybe equip your digital platform with a feature to help them chat or schedule a meeting with each other. To help them go around the event, you can also prepare and explain detailed directions to the attendees through an event app. Or you can prepare a feature on your digital platform to help them locate the booths and tenants they’re interested in. 

It is most important to view digital features as an added “fabric” that wraps around your live event, enhancing your audience's ability to better discover event offerings that you have painstakingly created for them.

Never underestimate the power of post-event engagement

Your event is not finished as soon as the last attendee exits the venue. In fact, it’s one of the best times to engage more with the audience with post-event engagement while the “event high” is still present.

Considering the many sessions, meetings, talk shows, and an array of tenants they can visit, not every attendee has the time–or energy and capacity–to consume all of the excitement all in one go. With post-event engagement, you can ensure that your attendees make the most of the event by providing them with the contents that they might have missed out. This is all possible with a digital platform as organizers can provide video-on-demand options from sessions, presentations, and all kinds of content that the attendees can revisit in the post-event dynamic.

Another reason to power your live events with digital platforms is the opportunity to create more meaningful and sustainable connections between all the involved stakeholders. Just because your event ended, doesn’t mean the networking session does too. With features like in-app messaging systems and 1-1 meetings, you can ensure that your attendees can share contact information and take their discussions further.

Active post event engagement like this results in more audiences signing back into the hub. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for organizers to collect more genuine feedback. This feedback, again coupled with behavioral analytics, gives organizers a 360° view of their customers' journey in their event, hence providing them actionable insights to improve and attract back highly valued audiences.

Sit back, relax, and plan your events with us!

Engagement hubs can really make a difference in our event, it benefits all stakeholders and can help everybody involved make the most of the event. Not to mention, making it a memorable experience for you attendees.

With over a decade of experience crafting digital solutions that empower live features of events, we at Jublia have supported organizers and all involved stakeholders to make memorable events.

Experience first hand our innovative solutions tailored to your needs and preferences. Talk to us to create your own memorable event by dropping a message at or following us on LinkedIn today!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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