Event Tech Is Here to Stay: How It Continues to Be Crucial in Live Events

No longer stuck in the old ways, we are now finding new ways to improve event experience
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During the pandemic, everything seemed bleak for the event industry once physical restrictions were implemented. People were wary of going out, lockdowns were carried out, and in turn, events were canceled. Then here comes the digitalization of events -our knight in shining armor- inspiring an all-new and improved event tech along with its innovations. People were finally able to attend through the comfort of their homes, finding everything they needed with just a click.

Now that we are returning back to live events, you might think it can send the tech away. In reality, it was actually the first step in improving the event experience. Now that we have a taste of how tech can help enhance our event experience, we can see many more upcoming innovations on the horizon.

Live Events Are Not As Simple As We Remembered

We know that the pandemic has stripped us of the ability to have onsite events and physical restrictions have made it impossible to gather a large crowd in one place. During this period, it’s easier to crave for the events we are familiar with than to remember how complex live events actually are.

Now that we’re back to organizing exciting onsite events, it’s like snapping back to reality: the checklist of live events turns out to be twice as much as the virtual ones. On top of that, the physical aspects of live events are actually very complex -from deciding on the right venue and keeping the audience engaged to making event layouts- it can be easy to overlook a lot of things.

Event tech can turn that complexity into simplicity without having to sacrifice the valuable aspects of events. Keeping track of event planning, event management, audience engagement, and lead scanning, can all be achieved with less headache with the help of the right tech provider.

Ready for the Sunshine or the Storm

The pandemic has taught us that adaptability is one of the most valuable skills we should have in this ever-changing world. Event tech can help in all kinds of situations and event formats, easily adjusted to your audiences’ interest and even make it more personalized.

No matter what your event is, what it’s like, or what the format is, event tech can help you empower your events and make them a pleasant experience for all.

Engagement Now is Like Never Before

We have come a long way in innovating all kinds of ways to engage with people. In events, it is one of the most crucial indicators of an event’s success. Before the pandemic, we are used to simple engagement - in which we focus on direct engagement during live events. However, in-event engagement does not necessarily mean it’s effective - in fact, it doesn’t even mean that it works.

The key to a successful engagement involves three phases throughout the event lifecycle : pre-event to introduce more of what the event is about, during the event to enhance their event experience, and post-event to have the audience coming back for more. Innovation in tech has helped support engagement, making it more valuable and interesting for our attendees. This way, we can achieve longevity, where audiences are more likely to create an emotional bond with your events and even push them to attend future events. 

Swimming in Data in No Time

Event tech does not only enhance the experience of the attendees, but it also helps organizers collect valuable data in the most efficient way.

By using event tech, it will be easier for organizers to measure the success of their events - how many meaningful connections were made, if the information is useful for the attendees, and other key metrics - in order to help improve future events. No more manual registration, with a more automated process, data gathering and analyzing will be much more effortless. Even more with a user-friendly design, it will be easier to use for all.

On top of that, the right event tech can also help us filter the data we really need apart from other basic information. This plays an active role in creating a more personalized approach for each audience, enhancing their overall event experience and setting your event on a different standard than the rest.

We’re Not Back to Square 1, We’re on a Sprint

With the return of live events, we can finally take a deep breath of relief. However, don’t mistake this as going backwards. We’re actually nowhere near where we were in events, and that may not be a bad thing after all.

Yes, we are back to engaging with people onsite. But we are doing it in a whole new innovative way, with so many great tools to bring event experience to the next level. We have left the old event “standard” and have replaced it with fresh, creative ways to bring out the best experience for everyone.

And we certainly will not stop here. We are now used to challenging the “standard” of events by finding new tools and ways to enhance the event experience. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” standard for live events - we are continuing to find all kinds of elements for various events and needs to help everyone get the best out of it.

After years of a rocky journey for the event industry, it seems that we are now entering one of the most exciting times to explore more.

Are you all set for 2023? Plan Your Events With Us!

Now that we know how event tech can help simplify the complexity of live events with automated processes and cutting down the overwhelming amount of time and energy spent to organize an event, it’s time for you to partner with the right tech provider.

With almost a decade of experience enhancing event experience for all kinds of formats and adapting to all the changes the industry goes through, Jublia is eager to explore and innovate more to make sure everyone gets the best out of your events.

Drop us a message at or follow us on LinkedIn to find out more about how we can enhance your attendees’ event experience and get a demo now!

Written By :
Shafira Amalia
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